Crowdfunding Policies at Minnesota State University, Mankato 

This document outlines the internal and external policies for using the Community Funded crowdfunding platform at Minnesota State University, Mankato. This will be publically available for potential fundraising campus partners to view. When a campus partner uses the platform, they are agreeing to these policies. Minnesota State University, Mankato Annual Giving Department reserves the right to change these policies at any time.

Minnesota State University, Mankato’s Annual Giving Department will select the participating campaigns for Minnesota State Mankato’s online crowdfunding platform. The Annual Giving Department reserves the right to discontinue an active fundraising group at any time for any reason, without notice, including, and without limitation because of a group’s eligibility status or a group’s failure to comply with Minnesota State Mankato’s crowdfunding platform policies.

Community Funded is not permitted for personal use. Only official University departments, programs and/or recognized student groups may utilize this platform to raise money for their department, program or group.

Campus partners must identify a person who will be the primary fundraising contact that is responsible for promoting their cause in the following ways:

  • Provide photo(s) that represent their group or project
  • Create a video to support the need (if able)
  • Write content that clearly articulates their project’s goal
  • Prepare personal thank-you messages to donors, and submit updates on how they will be spending the funds (for example, notifying donors through the Community Funded crowdfunding platform that the group reached their goal and will now be purchasing new equipment this month)

The Annual Giving Department will not provide any contact data on alumni, parents, friends or students. It is the responsibility of the campus partner to contact their own personal contacts.

For more information on ways to promote your fundraising page, please contact Chelsea Skluzacek, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at chelsea.skluzacek@mnsu.edu or 507-389-5951.

Minnesota State University, Mankato’s Foundation will provide an official tax receipt to donors.

Each project will be hosted on the Community Funded platform for a pre-determined amount of time, no more than 4-6 weeks, though some exceptions may apply (note: quick campaigns tend to drive urgency and perform better). If the project is not funded within the allotted timeframe, the funds raised will still be allocated to the project; however, the Annual Giving Department will remove the project from the Community Funded platform and will no longer market the project.

The same fundraising group may not participate in back to back terms; however, it may be considered again following its project end date.

Projects should have specific goals and be driven by tangible accomplishments (buying new club equipment, funding student conference travel fees, or providing student workshop opportunities). Projects without a specific goal are generally less successful and may not qualify for their own project page.

All content on project pages will be approved by the Annual Giving Department. The Annual Giving Department has the right to edit, or require edits by campus partners, at any point in the campaign.

The Minnesota State University, Mankato Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit. Minnesota State University, Mankato is an educational institution with a mission to promote learning through effective undergraduate and graduate teaching, scholarship, and research in service to the state, the region and the global community. In order for campus partners to ask for a gift of any amount to the University, all gifts must be compliant with the institution’s mission. Projects must align with Minnesota State Mankato’s purpose. Projects cannot violate any laws. All gifts must be spent on the project’s expenses as specified on the Community Funded platform and in the anticipated timeframe per campaign. Projects must support Minnesota State Mankato’s programs and initiatives. Funds cannot be redirected to a third-party or external charity such as the ALS Foundation, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, etc.